Whether it is for a mine permit, a waterline project, or any other type of construction project, if an archaeological survey is required before your permit can be approved, the best way to deal with it is as soon as possible. This will allow for your project to move forward in a timely fashion, without last minute issues that may arise from the archaeological survey. If no archaeological resources are found during the Phase I investigation, the project should move forward without anymore issues related to potential archaeological resources on-site. However, if archaeological resources are discovered during the investigation, it will take more time to determine how to deal with the resources and what the next step should will be (i.e. Phase II, Avoidance of Resource, etc.). Many times consultation with multiple agencies is necessary, which can also cause delays in regulatory compliance completion.

Southeast Archaeology services our clients to stay ahead of the regulatory review process to help meet their project needs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the regulatory review process. Have other regulatory permitting needs? Check out our affiliates page for information on our affiliate, Biological Systems Consultants, Inc. that provides a full suite of environmental compliance and regulatory consulting.

For all of your aerial imagery needs EvoImagery, LLC provides a suite of low elevation aerial imagery acquisition options.