Phase 1 Archaeological Surveys

The purpose of Phase 1 surveys is to identify any archaeological resources within a given area and assess their potential eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Phase 1 archaeological/cultural resource survey is requested due to the potential for earthmoving activities to disturb documented or undocumented historic or prehistoric resources within a particular tract of land. This investigation is intended to provide specific information concerning the nature and distribution of archaeological resources within the project area. The work that is proposed will include a review of the existing archaeological sites and an evaluation of the extant documentary and cartographic sources relevant to the project area.  This information will serve as the basis for the design and completion of a Phase 1 archaeological survey, typically using a combination of surface and subsurface investigative techniques.Depending on the results of the Phase 1 survey, additional work may be recommended at a particular archaeological site, or project clearance may be recommended.