Phase I Survey – Clay County, Kentucky

Phase I Archaeology
Historic Headstone

The purpose of this survey was to identify any archaeological resources within the project area and assess their potential eligibility for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). As a result of the investigation, one historic/modern cemetery was documented. It was located atop of a toeslope near about 600 feet AMSL. The site encompassed approximately 1000 square meters and is about 200m south of the head of a tributary that drains Franks Creek. The entire cemetery is maintained and surrounded by a chain-link fence. The cemetery contained 13 graves, all of which were oriented north-south. Of the 13 graves, 9 were either marked by plain stone, or the writing was worn away and no longer visible. The other headstones contained legible information such as dates of birth and names. 4 of the graves were considered modern, with death dates ranging from   1971-2002. It is likely that graves marked with plain or illegible headstones are historic in age.

By placing a 100 foot buffer zone around the cemetery avoidance of the site was possible and no further work was recommended for this project. No additional sites were located during this survey. Learn more about our all of our services here or just Phase I Survey services here.