Case Studies

The following case studies are just a few examples of the projects we have conducted since 2007.

Harlan County Phase 1 Survey

Although no archaeological resources were found during this 300 acre Phase 1 archaeological investigation required for a SMCRA/DNR mine permit application, the views of these massive sandstone outcrops never get old. During this project the report was needed rather quickly because of the production needs of the operation. Southeast Archaeology was able to conduct the field work and get the report submitted within 30 days of being given the approval to start the project.

Phase 1 Rock Outcrop - Archaeological Survey
Massive Sandstone – Harlan County, Kentucky

Pike County, Kentucky Phase 1 Survey

Southeast Archaeology was contracted to complete a Phase I survey of a 2,000 acre tract of land in Pike County, KY – being developed for coal resource extraction. This survey was needed to be completed as soon as possible and we were able to respond quickly, finishing the field work and providing the technical report within 30 days of the approval of the project.

Phase 1 Survey Archaeological Survey - Southeast Archaeology
Phase 1 Survey – Pike County, Kentucky

┬áCultural Historic Survey – Lawrence County, Kentucky

In accordance with Section 106 of the National historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) Southeast Archaeology managed a cultural historic survey of historic resources within a prescribed area. During this survey, archaeological resources at least 50 years or older were documented and assessed for National Registry Eligibility. Historical trends in this area revealed agriculturally dominant rural settings. As such the sites that were encountered were typically related to agricultural complexes including barns, cellars, outhouses, machine sheds, chicken coops, and corn cribs. Cemeteries were also assessed during this survey. Domestic dwellings were observed including log, gable, and ranch style homes. Rural education was historically found to be located in a one-room school house or simple frame structure. Churches, being very important in small rural areas were typically located in central locations in the landscape. Commerce was also assessed during the survey and included general stores and other structures.

Cultural Historic Survey - Kentucky
Historic One-Room School House