Southeast Archaeology understands that ecological and environmental consulting is often needed in conjunction with cultural resource surveys and Biological Systems Consultants, Inc. is always the company I recommend for any environmental compliance needs that our clients may have. Located in Lexington, Kentucky and with over 30 years of experience they have developed and maintain a great team that always strives to put their clients’ needs first. Biological Systems Consultants, Inc. (BSC) is an ecological and regulatory consulting firm that integrates biological studies into today‚Äôs evolving environment. At Biological Systems, where business is a science, they guide their clients through complex regulatory situations while maintaining a practical and workable approach to protection of our natural resources.

Biological Systems Consultants, Inc.

EvoImagery, LLC is a commercial drone business based in Lexington, Kentucky whose members combine extensive engineering and environmental consulting backgrounds with the latest UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology. Operating under FAA Exemption, we use available UAS technology, photogrammetry and mapping for 1) real-time documentation and inspection 2) surveying for solving engineering calculations and 3) addressing environmental and biological concerns. At EvoImagery we develop high resolution custom maps, videos, and images, and extrapolate valuable information for our clients. These images represent features in real-time; a vital asset for industries that face changing environments or need exceptionally accurate data. Through applications of GIS systems and software our services provide sensible solutions to numerous industries.

EvoImagery, LLC Drone UAV UAS